You’ve heard it a million times and now it is time to hear it a million and one times. YOU MUST SLEEP. There is no substitute, there is no medication, there is no coffee strong enough to outdo your need for sleep. Therefore, start paying closer attention to this very important age management variable. In Breaking the Chains of Obesity, tool #29 covers the symptoms of poor sleep, including:

1) Irritability: So if you have an attitude, your sleep isn’t good. If you want to pull someone’s hair out at work, or throw  your cell phone across the room over an unnecessary conversation, then, well… maybe you need more than more sleep (clearing my throat).

2) Constipation: This can also be from a lack of fiber in your diet and some other variables, too.

3) Increased Cravings: Your brain will want to eat lots of sugar the next day and for some, more salty stuff. These cravings are exacerbated.

4) Low Concentration and Mental Acuity: If your day job requires you to think, then you better sleep, otherwise you will not be at your best. There is nothing worse than a worthlessly-tired employee – sorry!

5) Low Motivation: Lack of sleep will cause you to feel blah and just not willing to do much more than the bare minimums. Do yourself a favor, allow your body that rest so that you wake up ready to conquer the universe (well, at least your day…).

6) Depression: There is such thing as clinical depression, and my sister works with these people. However, if you do not sleep, then you will think you are depressed when your mind is simply foggy. Foggy minds can lead people into dark times.

7) Anxiety: That’s right. No sleep and up all night will wake you up the next day feeling up tight.  So do yourself a favor, get your butt to bed.

8) Very Low Energy: That cup of joe ain’t gonna cut it. But if you sleep, and you eat right, you will ditch the coffee cause you just won’t need it … unless of course you simply like the taste.

9) Decreased Weight Loss: Ooh, are you turned off yet? Of course, if no sleep means no weight loss, then are you motivated now to get to bed?

10) Increased Cellular Damage: As in oxidative stress. Oxidative stress to the cells will lead to a disease. So spare yourself, and allow your body to repair itself.  And the only way to repair itself is…. (drum roll please) SLEEEEEEEP!